As easy as 1-2-3

If anyone has had doubts that there is persecution for
scientists who happen to think evolution deserves competition, consider the
following series of articles.

, Professor Michael Reiss, Director of Education for England’s Royal
Society, is bold enough to suggest that maybe we (scientists) should allow other
views of origin to be considered besides evolution, simply calling them other
world views instead of religious views. He even gets it right that Creationism
is different from Intelligent Design, even though the article title glosses over
this. Notice also in the article that he is referred to as "Rev" Michael Reiss,
even though the article is about science, and he is recognized as a scientist in
his own right.

Within days of the news release on his position, an MP
(Member of Parliament–obviously qualified to address scientific issues), is "horrified"
at the idea, and the Royal Society is "called to account" for the position Reiss
has taken. Having personally been "called to account" for not unquestioningly
indorsing evolution, I can imagine how much accounting and full consideration of
both sides was done in the 24 hours between the "calling to account" and Reiss’
forced resignation
. Notice in this last article that the process is actually
a campaign, not an investigation. There is no argument allowed against
evolution, regardless of evidence. The questioning of evolution’s pedestal, not
the toppling of it, is "horrifying."  And by all means, let’s be sure the
picture of Professor Reiss is one with his clerical collar. This process does
not convince me that the science classrooms of the world are being protected
from all religiously-held views.

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